Various Positions

Confederation College
Thunder Bay, ON

Confederation College
Employment Opportunities
• Chair, School of Business, Hospitality & Media Arts
• Professors – HR Programs, Accounting, Nursing,
Indigenous Language, Civil Engineering, Forestry
Technician, Electrical Engineering, Electronics
Engineering Technician, Computer Programmer,
Industrial Millwright/Mechanical
• International Arrivals and Support Officer (part time)
In keeping with our strategic plan commitment to foster
Access and Success, Community Prosperity and Institutional
Excellence, we encourage applications from persons of
Indigenous ancestry.
Confederation College is a fragrance free and smoke free environment.
For more information and to apply, visit:
Employment Opportunities 
 Chair, School of Business, Hospitality & Media Arts 
 Professors – HR Programs, Accounting, Nursing, 
Indigenous Language, Civil Engineering, Forestry 
Technician, Electrical Engineering, Electronics 
Engineering Technician, Computer Programmer, 
Industrial Millwright/Mechanical 
 International Arrivals and Support Officer (part‐time) 
In keeping with our strategic plan commitment to foster 
Access and Success, Community Prosperity and Institutional 
Excellence, we encourage applications from persons of 
Indigenous ancestry. 
Confederation College is a fragrance free and smoke free environment. 
For more information and to apply, visit: