Project Manager

Common Voice Northwest
Thunder Bay, ON

Common Voice Northwest
1 Year Project Manager Internship
Thunder Bay
Job Description: Common Voice Northwest is a not-for-profit
organization with a mandate to identify public policy issues affecting
Northwestern Ontario and to develop solutions that are based on the
unique circumstances of the region and are supported by the
leadership of the area. The Internship will provide Common Voice
Northwest with the human resources to coordinate the work of
individual task forces Economic Participation, Education Training,
Infrastructure and Youth. The coordination work will include scheduling,
researching and writing for each of the task forces, along with
communicating with the individual participants of the task forces. The
Intern will prepare reports for submission to the CVNW Board as well
as formal issue documents that will be shared with other leadership
organizations and governments.
Qualifications: University or college graduate from Northern Ontario
who has graduated within the last three years from an accredited
college or university. The position will be a first full-time employment in
the candidate’s field of study. The skill sets sought by CVNW can come
from the following diverse education streams: General Arts, Business,
Community Development, English, Geography, Northern Studies,
Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Tourism. Candidates must demonstrate
comprehensive research, writing and facilitation skills.
Application Deadline: October 16, 2017 at 5 PM
Please email applications to: