Contract Delivery Driver

Chronicle Journal
Thunder Bay, ON

Contract Delivery Driver
For the Chippewa Rd / Hwy 61 /
Riverdale Rd Area (Run 18)
Delivering newspapers early mornings 7 days per week,
this run takes approximately 3.5 hours per day. This route
includes deliveries starting on F.W.F.N. and works out Hwy
61 as far as Little Norway Rd. including deliveries through
Riverdale Rd. & 20th Side Rd. Applicants must be able to
meet the requirements of a 7 day per week contract and
are required to provide their own suitable vehicle.
Compensation is currently paying approximately $1,000
bi-weekly. Interested applicants may apply by submitting a
resume and cover letter including vehicle details via email
to or by dropping off directly
to The Chronicle-Journal office at 75 S. Cumberland St.